Why choose EMerald ?

► A unique and innovative program

EMerald ensures that your training meets the exact expectations of worldwide industrials in the field of georesources. The program is designed to focus on the following major aspects of georesources engineering: characterisation, processing, modelling and management. Focussing on industrial needs, bridge the gap between georesources and advanced processing technologies, give students an in-depth knowledge of mineral resources, co-products, and most recent and modern techniques of processing, promote an effective and environmentally friendly management, these are some of EMerald goals. Choosing EMerald means choosing a coherent and balanced package of courses which are all complementary so you get the most complete possible education.

► A strong industrial support

Not only have we got the support of great companies but also, these associates will have an advisory role to the program through a Strategic Advisory Board (SAB). They will make sure that the courses of the program meet their professional expectations. They will participate in providing internships and technical visits for EMerald students and also give several seminars. With EMerald, industry shapes education so you can become the best possible collaborator.

► A network of excellence

EMerald is an internationally focused program with internationally recognised professors. Our network of partner and associated universities ensures that you get the best international education possible. You can also count on several invited lecturers to complete your international training.

 ► The best of European education and culture

EMerald is a full English master course. However, the mobility will make sure that all students will get acquainted with different european languages (German, French, Swedish) and cultures. EMerald mobility scheme is as linear and simple as possible so that you get to know the partner institutions well. There's no need to remind you how important knowing several languages and be able to adapt in any culture is today!

► Enriching encounters

As an EMerald student, not only will you have unique academic or industrial contacts, but you will also share two years of studies with students from all over the world! Another way to meet worldwide friends for life.