Student mobility


The interaction with the European culture is essential to Erasmus Mundus programs. EMerald considers as essential to foster students to enhance networking and team spirit. Therefore, the student mobility scheme is as linear and simple as possible so that you get to know the partner institutions. You  have the chance to study and to perform your master thesis in one of these institutions. Associated universities and industries will provide opportunities for research and internships.

The mobility scheme is:

• 1st semester: Université de Liège - Belgium

• 2nd semester: Université de Lorraine - ENSG Nancy - France

• 3rd semester: Luleå Tekniska Universitet - Sweden

• 4th semester: One of the previous or Technische Universität Bergakademie Freiberg - Germany

mobility scheme

All four universities will host students for their master thesis.

A final get-together conference and a graduation ceremony will be organized every year in a central location.