Lucy Little - University of Cape Town

" As a visiting scholar, my EMerald experience was shorter than I would have liked - a single quarter at Lulea at the end of 2016. I thoroughly enjoyed working with the Lulea Minerals and Metallurgical engineering Research (MiMeR) team, and the diverse, enthusiastic students of the 3rd Cohort. The experience certainly broadened my perspective of minerals processing and geometallurgy, which has already proven useful to me in my current position as a metallurgist practising process mineralogy at Kansanshi Copper Mine in Zambia. I hope that EMerald continues as it is a fantastic program! "

Alona Nad - AGH University of Science and Technology


" My impression on the overall EMERALD program is very positive. I was lucky to be one of the scholars selected in 2016 to spend 2 months at the University of Liège. The University of Liège lives up to its reputation as the level of the knowledge provided in the Master courses is very high. The GeMMe staff is highly qualified in their working fields. 

In my case, this was a good opportunity to develop professional skills in the technical area of mineral processing and solid waste residue process engineering. After my short stay I went back to Poland and used new knowledge in my current work. I would strongly recommend to students and researchers to take part in the EMERALD program. "


Erick Ramanaidou - CSIRO 

" I found the students eager to interact and ask questions, a sign of their motivation. With such a diverse group with varied scientific and linguistic background, it is a challenge to ensure that each student receive the most benefit from the lectures and the practical sessions and I sincerely hope that they now have a solid background in the geology of mineral deposits and a good understanding of some modern characterisation techniques.

I have truly enjoyed my time at the University of Liège both with the students but also with the academic and administration staff of Professor Eric Pirard team. I felt warmly welcome and included in the team a “sine quo non” condition to perform at my best. I would like to thank all involved for this inspiring experience."

Elaine Wightman - Senior Research Fellow, University of Queensland (UQ)

"UQ has been an associated university with the program from the beginning and a number of colleagues had participated in the program previously as visiting scholars so I was very pleased to be able to take part in 2017 with the 5th cohort at the University of Liege.  My passions are process mineralogy and education, visiting Liege provided both a great opportunity for me to learn and to share my experiences with cohort. 

The field trip to Poland was a real highlight for me on both a technical and cultural level – it was also a great way to get to know the cohort.  The diversity of cohort is a testament to the value of the program, with students from all over the globe participating.  My lack of language skills outside of English wasn’t really an obstacle but did provide some amusing experiences, people were very helpful as was the local beer and chocolate!"