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Application Quiz 2018

QUIZ 2018

This quiz is mandatory but not eliminatory.

Most of the questions should be easy to answer if you have the required background for the EMerald program. The questionnaire should take you not more than 1h30.

There are 22 questions in the field of mathematics, geology, chemistry and physics. You can skip some questions and come back to them afterwards but all the questions need to be answered in the same session. Once you start the questionnaire you need to finish it. You will not be allowed to log in a second time.

It can be useful to have something to write and a pocket calculator with you (or some calculator installed on your computer).  

Correct answers will not be shown at the end of the quiz to prevent cheating. However your temporary results will appear ( temporary because all the answers are reviewed manually to avoid case sensitive issues).

For your information:

Multiple choice questions are worth 1 point.

Short answer questions are worth 3 points.

Matching and long answer questions are worth between 3 and 6 points (depending on the number of options).


Mathematical expressions:

Mathematical expressions are written with regular characters. Please use the same in your answers.  

. is the decimal operator

· is the notation for power of 10 (example: 2·1020)

/ is divide 

*  is multiplication 

exp(x)  is the exponential function of x  with e (euler's number) as a base

--> for half-arrows in chemical reactions


Matching questions:

The questionnaire contains matching questions. You can select each answer once.

 Please don't pay attention to the warning " you will lose points if you choose the wrong answer", we have decided not to apply this rule. It's only an automatic warning.

Good luck!

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