Practical information

Are you selected in the program and/or do you already want to have more information on the practical aspects of your stay (visa, health insurance, accommodation...) ? Please find here some first-hand information regarding your arrival in the program. Each selected applicant will receive further guidelines after being selected. 

► When to arrive:

You are free to decide when to arrive in Liège (according to the beginning of the teaching activities of course). However, it is highly recommended to arrive by the end of August/beginning of September, to have some time to settle down before the beginning of the academic year.

► Visa procedure:

First-hand information regarding entry procedure in EU for a long-stay:

The first country of the program is Belgium. If you are a national from a non-European Country, you will need a type D visa for studies for Belgium, for your first semester (i.e. until February). Please check here for the necessary documentation:

You must be aware that the documents referred to on the website above only constitute the basic documents that have to be submitted in every case. Other additional documents may be required by the Belgian diplomatic or consular representation, taking into account the circumstances relating to the file or to the specific context of your country of origin. In order to find at which embassy or consulate you shall introduce your visa application as well as any additional documents to produce, please check the following link.

You should check the information, and if possible, gather all necessary documents, so that once the letter of acceptance is sent to you, you can lodge the visa application. If you are a scholaship holder from Erasmus Mundus or the University of Liège, you will receive, along with your personal letter of acceptance, your scholarship certificate as well as a document exempting you of the fees paid to the immigration office. This exemption only concerns fees to be paid to the immigration office. You have to check wether there is any additional fees to be paid to the consular post/embassy. 

► Student agreement:

Click here to download the draft of the student agreement for Erasmus Mundus scholarship holders, describing the rules and obligations before entering the program.

►  Health Insurance:

All students benefiting from an Erasmus Mundus (EMJMD) scholarship will receive, through their grant, a private health and accident insurance coverage which will cover the minimum requirements set by the European Agency:

The exact details of the private insurance chosen by the consortium will be provided to the students before their arrival. In addition, students will be covered by the public health care insurance when possible (see vademecum).