Cohort 4 - MT Project 2018 (draft)

First name University Master thesis research topic:
 Khombisile   TUBAF  Investigation of water recyclability in the flotation circuit of a flurite ore.
 Paul  TUBAF  Cassiterite flotation of complex fine grained ore materials
 Rosie  TUBAF  work with Eldorado Gold on Bolcana deposit (precise topic to be defined)
 Collins  TUBAF  Importance of calcium, magnesium and iron ions in the scheelite-calcite flotation system - application to the Mittersill ore
 Anna  TUBAF  Recovery of the metallic phases in pyrolyzed black mass by flotation: increasing the recycling recovery of spent lithium ion batteries 
 Pedro  ULiège  Master thesis within ANCORELOG project (funded by EIT Raw Materials) which aims at developing a multisensor core-scanning instrument combing VNIR imaging, XRT and LIBS to extend the capacities of the existing CoreScan instrument developed by DMT (precise topic to be defined)
 Fabian  ULiège  Investigation upon the possibilities for copper recovery improvement through additional treatment of the bulk concentrate at the DPMCh flotation plant, Bulgaria    
 Nathan  ULiège  Elemental deportment of mobile phone parts using correlative microscopy to determine economic viability of recylcing (with ZEISS microscopy)
 Aleksander  ULiège  Upscaling of RoStar fine grinding mill – geometallurgical follow-up
 Arpit  ULiège  Validation of an online 3D scanner for aggregate size and shape analysis operating in a harsh environment (with LHOIST)
 Silvanna  ULiège  Recovery of Ni, Mo, Co from the copper slag processed by flotation at Aurubis slag flotation plant
 Reza  UL  Development of novel flotation reagents for difficult to enrich phosphate ores (BASF SE)
 Shujaat  UL  Investigation of the salinity of process water on the bubble-bubble and bubble-particle interaction: application to cationic flotation of a magnetite concentrate (ArcelorMittal)
 Ranee  UL  3D geological and geochemical modeling of the Maverick unconformity-type uranium deposit (Moore Lakes, Canada) - GOCAD geological modeling and ioGAS geochemical modeling, including Principal Component Anlysis (PCA) and resource estimate geostatistics
 Noyan  UL  Geometallurgy approach to upgrade nickel low grade laterite ores (Eramet)
 Antoine  UL  Flotation of the Tabuaço tungsten skarn: a geometallurgical approach, from mineralogy to the improvement of the selectivity between calcium minerals in flotation using fatty acids
 Bianca  LTU  Potential use of oxygen depleted air in nickel sulphide flotation
 Sebas  LTU  Textural and mineralogical characterization of Li-pegmatite deposit: using microanalytical and image analyses to link macro and micro properties of spodumene in drill cores
 Pourya  LTU  Characterization of tailings drill core for pre-selection of feasible reprocessing methods (REMInE project)