MT Projects (Cohort 2)

First name Country of origin Master thesis research topic:
 RJ  the  Philippines  A lab scale froth flotation study of tungsten bearing tailings of the Barruecopardo mine ( Spain) within the EU Horizon2020 OptimOre  Project.
 Sibele  Brazil  Investigation of drilling and blasting operations.
 Alfi  Indonesia  Review of grindability and liberation behaviour for Buzwagi Gold Mine Ore.
 Danish  Pakistan  Geometallurgical estimation of comminution indices for porhyry copper deposit apllying mineralogical approach (Boliden).
 Deng  China  Improvement of geometallurgical testing technique for iron ore magnetic separation (LKAB).
 Yulia  Russia  3D modeling and restoration of the Weisswasser Kupferschiefer deposit (Cu-Ag) (Germany) - Introduction to in-situ leaching    modeling.
 Thomas  Canada  A novel approach to pre-concentrate nickel in low grade laterite ores.
 Alexandra  Colombia  Characterisation, processing and physico chemical separation processes in BFL fluorspar mine in UK (NHM London).
 Lisa  France  Critical/valuable metals and plastic recovery from waste printed circuit boards.
 Dejan  Serbia  Possibilities for increased recovery of copper and precious metals bearing minerals at the bulk and copper selective flotation stages at  Chelopech concentrator, Bulgaria (Dundee Precious Metals).
 Marjorie  Belgium  Application of Mid-Indrared Reflectance Spectroscopy for the Identification of Minerals present in Oil & Gas/ Mining exploration (Epslog)
 Richard  Sweden  Hydraulic hoisting in the Kristineberg mine (Boliden).
 Laura   Romania  Gold deportment and geometallurgical variability studies of Certej deposit, Romania (Eldorado Gold)
 Ivan  Russia  Increasing the recovery of valuable metals from the ores of Assarel mine.