Cohort 3 - MT Project 2017

First name Country of origin Master thesis research topic:
 Jennifer  the  Philippines  Mineral processing study of a fine grained complex ore. Focus on fine grinding and interconnected flotation optimization.
 Dandara  Brazil  Geometallurgical Variability Study of Spodumene Pegmatites - Keliber Oy (Finland)
 Ivan  Brazil  Geometallurgical investigation on how the mineralogical variability of Zinkgruvan orebodies affects the need for induced activation in the bulk rougher-scavenger flotation
 Efraín  Chile  Particle tracking in geometallurgical testing technique for Leveäniemi iron ore deposit
 Alán  Colombia  Process mineralogy of ores and processed materials from the Nam Xe REE-deposit (Vietnam)
 Dash  Mongolia  Investigation of the depression mechanism of the acidified water glass in scheelite flotation
 Frima  Indonesia  Pre-concentration of nickel in laterite ores
 Nicolas  Belgium  3D geological and geochemical modeling of Zones 3 and 4 of the McArthur River deposit (Uranium) (McArthur River, Canada) - Introduction to GOCAD geological modeling, ioGAS geochemical modeling, mass-balance      calculations, and geostatistics
 Laura  USA  Understanding the visible and invisible gold distribution in Certej (Romania) using Automated Mineralogy
 Lauriane  Vietnam  Development of a method to separate Mg(OH)2 from gypsum precipitates generated during the lime treatment of metallurgical processing effluents (Lhoist)
 Lichao  China  Recovery of lithium minerals from LCT pegmatite ores
 Dzmitry  Belarus  Geometallurgical characterization and Mineral Processing Design for a Schist & Skarn Tin Deposit
 Lucas  Brazil  Assessment of the potential of RE-mineral recovery as a possible by product from present processing tailings, Boa Vista Plant Catalão, Brazil - a geometallurgical approach 
 Jonathan  Colombia  Geometallurgical analysis on the metallurgical behavior of the ore originating from selected block of the DPM Chelopech underground mine in Bulgaria.
 Kartikay  India  Concentrate quality forecast for WLIMS of Leveäniemi ore
 Glacialle  the Philippines  Classification of drill core textures for process simulation in geometallurgy (Aitik mine - Boliden)
 Jorge  Honduras  Carbon Characterization at Goldcorp's Peñasquito Polymetallic Mine
 Pei  China  Hydro Flow Sorting of electrode foils from Li-ion traction batteries