EMerald labelled by the EIT

Last September, the EMerald master course was granted the EIT label,quality seal awarded for four years.

EIT labelled master programs apply four EIT-specific quality criteria ( robust entrepreneurship education, highly-integrated "learning by doing" curricula, international and cross-organisational mobility, access policy and joint  outreach strategy) as well as 7 Overarching learning  outcomes (OLOs). The EIT OLOs specify on a generic level and suitable to all KIC themes, that programs should ensure that students achieve skills and competencies in the  EIT specific knowledge forms of Making Value and Sustainability Judgments, Creativity, Innovation,  Entrepreneurshipn Research, Intellectual Transforming and Leadership.

What does it imply?

Several EIT partial scholarships will be offered to the EMerald students. They will help the students cover part of their living expenses. The participation costs will however not be included.