Closing ceremony EMerald cohort 2

The University of Liège  hosted the closing ceremony of the second edition of the EMerald program on August 23rd at the Palais des Congrès de Liège.

This ceremony took place in parallell with another event " Find your place in the Raw Materials Industry " organized by the University of Liège and sponsored by the EIT Raw Materials.

Schedule of the day:

10:00 EMerald students presenting their master thesis research work in the field of geometallurgy in 5-min

12:00 networking lunch between graduates and industrials

14:00 Opening of the Internship day - Key Note Raw Materials sector

14:00 to 17:00 Industries will welcome students looking for an internship at their stand (Arcelormittal, Lhoist, Suez, Hydrometal, Comet etc..)

17:00 Closing of the internship day - speech

17:30 EMerald Graduation ceremony

18:00 Beer & Cheese tasting


Palais des Congrès de Liège - Esplanade de l'Europe 2 - 4020 Liège (Belgium)

Target Audience:

Students wishing to know more about the Raw Materials sector (AM & PM)

Students interested to perform an internship in the Raw Materials sector (PM)

Industrials of the Raw Materials sector looking for interns (PM)

Industrials of the Raw Materials sector looking for graduates in geometallurgy (AM)


Free of charge (please register for a better organization)

Students: register for the different activities on the website

Industrials:  register on the website to get a free stand and to propose internships