Master thesis project (company)

What is a Master thesis project at EMerald ? 

The Master thesis project consists in a 6-month research work in geometallurgy, 3 of which can be dedicated to on-site investigation (internship possible depending on the project). After the on-site data collection, students head to the University of their supervisor to conduct their research. Master thesis subjects may be proposed by industrials or professors and take place during the fourth semester of the EMerald program (February to June or to August). At the end of the fourth semester, a defence of the master thesis is held.

Why should an industrial recruit an intern at EMerald ?

EMerald students are talented young professionals from across the globe with various backgrounds. They are trained in the best  European universities for one year and a half. The EMerald management committee insure the match-making between the projet objectives and the student's skills and motivation. During their research work, the students have access to exceptional facilities and will be supervised by at least one representative of the EMerald consortium. Moreover, the EMerald program is supported by an international academic network.

What kind of topic can be proposed?

Two important things should be included:

- geometallurgy, meaning that both the resource and the process need to be considered (e.g. avoiding purely geological or purely metallurgical works)

- innovation and economic impact, meaning that the problem addressed needs to improve social, economic and environmental impact.

How to submit a project ?

Download and fill out the subject proposal form below and send it back to  The limits and objectives of the subjects will then be adjusted (if necessary) by the academic supervisor. When both the industrial and the academic supervisor have agreed on the subject proposal, the proposal is submitted to the consortium committee for approval. 


What are the legal requirements for internships? 

The internship is ruled by an internship agreement between the University supervising the student, the hosting institution and the student.

What costs should be covered by the company?

The running costs of the internship must be fully covered by the company (analyses, induction training, shipping of samples etc.). If the mine is located in a remote area, accomodation and transport could be provided to the intern.


What is the role of the company?

The company needs to provide the student with a supervisor which will guide and help the student during the internship and the master thesis. Once the master thesis has been submitted, an oral defence is organized where both the industrial and the academic supervisors are invited to assess the student's work.

Contribution to the program?

You can help us by sponsoring the program through the membership fee (8000€/year). This sponsorship will be offered to a student to help financing the partcipation costs.


Deadline to submit a topic: September 30th.

Useful documents :

  •  Subject proposal form (doc )