Master thesis project (students)

There are two ways to find a master thesis project:

You can either wait for the consortium to present different projects or you can submit your own.

How to submit your own topic?

To submit your own master thesis project, you need to make sure that your fulfill the following requirements.


1) Find the right topic.

    Two important things should be included:

    - geometallurgy, meaning that both the resource and the process need to be considered (e.g. avoiding purely geological or purely

      metallurgical works)

    - innovation and economic impact, meaning that the problem addressed needs to improve social, economic and

      environmental impact.


2) Find a company.

      - Is the company able to support your project?

      -  the internship cannot last longer than 3 months. We recommend you to stay less than 3 months so that you have

          enough time afterwards to deal with experimenting and writing.

      - can the company give you full access to data, plant, etc.?

      - can the company support your research work with samples and analyses (! make sure they will deliver on time)

      - can the company cover all the analytical costs?


3) Find a supervisor from one of the four Universities. 

     If you fulfill criteria 1 and 2, we can help you with number 3. Please have the company fill out the master thesis proposal

     template (attached) and send it to me.

     I will forward it to the consortium for approval. Once approved, we can try to find the most appropriate professor

     of the program to supervize you.

     You can also contact a professor directly and develop a topic with him.


4) Make sure that the company will cover all the expenses linked to the internship, analyses etc... 

    Officially they don't have the obligation to cover your travel costs and accomodation.


We also invite the companies to become member of the EMerald consortium which means a contribution of 5000€/year or a scholarship in their name that will cover a student's full tuition fees (8000€/year). This contribution to the program is not compulsory but could help the consortium organize nice field trips, offer scholarships etc...


Deadline to submit your own topic: August 31st.

Useful documents :

  • - Topic proposal template (doc )