EMerald graduation - Aug. 29th 2017

                                                                          CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF 2017

The 3rd cohort of EMerald students  graduated in Liège on Aug. 29th 2017. They are now holders of a triple Degree:

- Master in Geology and Mining Engineering ( ULiège)

- Master in Geosciences: Planètes, ressources, Environnement (ULorraine - ENSG)

- Master of Science: Geosciences (LTU)

Before graduation, a job day was organized where industry professionals from Eramet, Lhoist, CMI and G-Tec met with the graduates. You can find all the pictures that were taken that day on the EMerald facebook page.

Open call 2017 for research-teaching fellowships

Research-teaching fellowships within the EMerald master program


The EMerald consortium  invites 3 researchers for a short research stay at the University of Liege (to take place between September – December 2017) in the framework of the GeoKTPro project funded by the EIT Raw Materials. The researchers will have free access to GeMMe research group facilities.

As a counterpart they will participate in the teaching duties of the EMerald Erasmus+ program in Georesources Engineering (max. 2.5 days/week).

GeMMe facilities include the latest technology in hyperspectral imaging, automated mineralogy, optical sorting and particle sizing. A fully-equipped laboratory for raw and recycled material separation and beneficiation also includes flotation benches, hydrometallurgical and comminution equipment (



Research-teaching fellowship in Geostatistics

Research-teaching fellowship in Geometallurgy/ Mineral Resources

Research-teaching fellowship in Mineral Processing

in partnership with


EMerald labelled by the EIT

Last September, the EMerald master course was granted the EIT label,quality seal awarded for four years.

EIT labelled master programs apply four EIT-specific quality criteria ( robust entrepreneurship education, highly-integrated "learning by doing" curricula, international and cross-organisational mobility, access policy and joint  outreach strategy) as well as 7 Overarching learning  outcomes (OLOs). The EIT OLOs specify on a generic level and suitable to all KIC themes, that programs should ensure that students achieve skills and competencies in the  EIT specific knowledge forms of Making Value and Sustainability Judgments, Creativity, Innovation,  Entrepreneurshipn Research, Intellectual Transforming and Leadership.

What does it imply?

Several EIT partial scholarships will be offered to the EMerald students. They will help the students cover part of their living expenses. The participation costs will however not be included.

Closing ceremony EMerald cohort 2

The University of Liège  hosted the closing ceremony of the second edition of the EMerald program on August 23rd at the Palais des Congrès de Liège.

This ceremony took place in parallell with another event " Find your place in the Raw Materials Industry " organized by the University of Liège and sponsored by the EIT Raw Materials.

Schedule of the day:

10:00 EMerald students presenting their master thesis research work in the field of geometallurgy in 5-min

12:00 networking lunch between graduates and industrials

14:00 Opening of the Internship day - Key Note Raw Materials sector

14:00 to 17:00 Industries will welcome students looking for an internship at their stand (Arcelormittal, Lhoist, Suez, Hydrometal, Comet etc..)

17:00 Closing of the internship day - speech

17:30 EMerald Graduation ceremony

18:00 Beer & Cheese tasting


Palais des Congrès de Liège - Esplanade de l'Europe 2 - 4020 Liège (Belgium)

Target Audience:

Students wishing to know more about the Raw Materials sector (AM & PM)

Students interested to perform an internship in the Raw Materials sector (PM)

Industrials of the Raw Materials sector looking for interns (PM)

Industrials of the Raw Materials sector looking for graduates in geometallurgy (AM)


Free of charge (please register for a better organization)

Students: register for the different activities on the website

Industrials:  register on the website to get a free stand and to propose internships