Open call research-teaching stay within the EMerald master program (2018)

Research-teaching stay within the EMerald master program


The EMerald consortium  invites 3 researchers for a short research stay at the University of Liege (to take place between September – December 2018) in the framework of the GeoKTPro 2 project funded by the EIT Raw Materials. The researchers will have access to GeMMe research group facilities.

As a counterpart they will participate in the teaching duties of the EMerald master program in Resources Engineering (max. 2.5 days/week).

GeMMe facilities include the latest technology in hyperspectral imaging, automated mineralogy, optical sorting and particle sizing. A fully-equipped laboratory for raw and recycled material separation and beneficiation also includes flotation benches, hydrometallurgical and comminution equipment (



Research-teaching fellowship in Geostatistics

Research-teaching fellowship in Geometallurgy/ Mineral Resources

Research-teaching fellowship in Mineral Processing

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EIT label video

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Newly designed EMerald master in Resources Engineering

For more information, you can find all the courses descriptions on the website.

If you wish to join us for the 2018 September intake, you have until April 9th 2018 to fill out the application webform.

Contact us at to get your log in details and to know about scholarship opportunities.

New application to EU funding - New mobility track

Good news, the EMerald consortium has decided to sign up again!

We will send a new application for funding to the European Union in February 2018.

If our project is selected, we will be able to offer Erasmus Mundus scholarships to international students as soon as Sept. 2018 (cohort 6).

And there is more good news, this new application brings about some changes. We are happy to announce that we are opening a new mobility track to Freiberg (TUBAF).

Our new mobility scheme will be as follows:

For the third semester, the students will have the opportunity to specialize in primary resources ( Lulea) or in secondary resources ( TUBAF).

More information will be added on the website at the beginning of next year.