Industrial associates

Companies member of the program (they fully cover the tuition fees of a student)

Companies that officially contribute to the EMerald program through equipment loan or sponsorship:


Companies that offer internships:

 Helmholtz Institute Freiberg for Resource Technology - HZDR

• LKAB, Boliden, Eramet, ArcelorMittal, Areva, Comet Traitements,Lundin mining, Eldorado Gold, Assarel-medet

Companies that support the program from its launch:

 • Minerals Engineering International

• Bulgarian Chamber of Mining and Geology

• Nyrstar, SQM, Imerys, Comet Traitements

Strategic Advisory Board

This board gathers senior experts with more than 20 years experience in the georesources exploitation industries. It is a consultative organization composed of the Industrial Members having shown their strong interest in the EMerald project. 

 - Jacques Tack (ex member, ex Aurubis)

 - Eduardo Da Costa ( Lhoist)

 - Jean-Louis Cardini (ex Imerys)

 - Gaspard Devos (ex Umicore)

 - Kari Niiranen (LKAB)

The roles of the SAB are:  

  1.  Promote EMerald within the larger mining community 
  2.  Recommend students for the course program 
  3.  Finance fellowship for students from less favoured countries 
  4.  Advise on the structure, the modules and the content of the courses of the master program 
  5.  Suggest, organize and lead professional seminars (as part of the management module of the course program) 
  6.  Organize guided technical visits to some facilities in Europe 

position paper of the SAB