Participation Costs

They are 9000€/year for non-European students and 4500€/year for Europeans*.

These include :

- Registration fees**

Management fees ( including laboratory expenses, supervision and running costs etc...)

Health insurance 

- Access to the infrastructures of the universities (libraries, WIFI etc...)

- Assistance from the international relations department of each University regarding administrative matters, accomodation, bank account etc...

 *Participation costs are paid yearly to the coordinating institution. If you drop out during the first semester, the second semester will not be refunded.       

**Registration fees do not include contributions to students unions or comparable.

Students who do not benefit from a scholarship can apply for reduced participation fees. Partial waiver can be decided by the Master Management Committee (MMC), make sure to mention on the application webform that you wish to apply as  a self-funded student.

 Cost of living

Living costs in Europe may be higher than in your home country. That's why it is important to figure out a budget that includes sufficient financial resources to cover your expenses while you are studying. 

Average personal expenses are around 10.000 €/year ( more information for Belgium, FranceSweden and Germany).


Your budget should include travel costs from your country towards Europe as well as the transfers between Universities.